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Stemple 76/45 News


Stemple Guns on Forgotten Weapons



Here's a look as some of the Stemple 76/45 setups assembled for 2021.  The receivers are all the same and shown with the various selections of fire control, stock, bolt, mag housing, and barrel/shroud setups we offer for these  transferable machine guns.







Here's a nice message from another satisfied customer:

"Finally out of jail and in hand. This thing is a hoot to shoot. Runs great, zero issues, absolutely fantastic.
Thanks so much for a sweet build. Can’t wait to let Dad do some mag dumps for Father’s Day next month!

Lengthened the can and tossed on an optic. Just like you said … This thing just chews thru full mags of Tula steel case 9mm 124gr! Love it.

Hope y’all are doing well. Looking forward to visiting GA sometime. Take care!"
from Don in VA